Samples from the RS7000

Here is a cool selection of sampled recordings from the RS7000. If you listen carefully you can hear all elements of production at work and one or two new sounds. It really is an outstanding tool. Judge for yourself...

You will need the Yamaha VQ software to listen to these clips. If you need it theres a link at the bottom of the page.


BREAK ROCK Breakbeats Rock 44.1kHz / 214k
BIG BEAT 4 Big Beat 4 44.1kHz / 210k
BRK TRANCE Breakbeats Trance 44.1kHz / 211k
MINIMAL2 Minimal Techno 2 44.1kHz / 212k
EURO BEAT Euro Beat 44.1kHz / 208k
DREAMDANCE Dream Dance 44.1kHz / 210k
AMB HOUSE Ambient House 44.1kHz / 211k
IBIZA Ambient Ibiza 44.1kHz / 217k
AMB PSYCH2 Ambient Psychedelic 2 44.1kHz / 211k
FLIP HOP 3 Flip Hop 3 44.1kHz / 211k
MAD HOP Mad Hop 44.1kHz / 212k
INTELL HOP Intelligent Hip Hop 44.1kHz / 223k
FUNK R&B Funk R&B 44.1kHz / 200k
If you need it, get the player from here...

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