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Ok heres the deal guys... We need to keep this site running so YOU can benefit from it! I dont earn anything for running this whole site but one thing is of value to me is this information.

PLEASE fill in all the answers honestly and answer all the questions and in return you'll be directed to the links to download all the new styles.

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NOTE - Please be carefull of the first letter, its usually H or J upper or lower case. (you'll see what I mean when you see it ;)
What Country & Town / City did you buy your RS in:
Town / City:
What was the name of the shop that you bought it in:

What is your Artist Name if you have one:
What external devices do you use to store data:
Zip Drive
SCSI Hard Drive
MO Drive
Other... Please specify:
How often do you visit Music fairs to see new gear:
I dont
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Where did you hear about our website:
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Yes but I dont have one any more
How many months have you owned your RS:
On a scale of 1 to 100, 1 being very poor and 100 being, excellent, how do you rate the RS generally:
On the same scale 1 - 100 how do your rate this website generally:

What other musical instruments do you own:
Do you have now or have you ever had any of your music signed by a record label:

Which one of the following magazines, if any, do you read regularly:

Future Music Kerrang
Sound on Sound Metal Hammer
Computer Music NME
MixMag iDJ
Muzik Ministry
Q Other
Have you ever contacted Yamaha technical support about your RS:

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