The Latest News on the RS7000

As the RS7000 continues to infiltrate music shops and homes around the world it is rapidly developing a grand following of Artists and Producers from all genres of music. Recently two of the biggest UK music magazines got a hold of an RS7k and put it through it paces. With a critical eye and an unbiased angle, they examined it right down to the color and this is what they said:

FUTURE MUSIC - September 2001
'The RS7000 is a beast'

'If you thought the RM1X liberated you in the studio then Yamaha's latest revolution in hardware sequencing will blow you away'

'Yamaha have simply surpassed all expectations'

'The Master Effects are the icing on the cake for the RS7000. They are quite simply awesome.'

'The sampler is a joy to use; the sound quality is crisp and clear and the speed of processing…is very fast'

'No compromises have been made here and - it's this that impresses me most - it is an all-rounder in every department'

'Rock solid timing, reliability and compact solution'

'You soon realise that you're in for a host of sonic treats'

'The new waveforms impress too, sounding fuller and cleaner than those on the RM1X'

'I found that the sliced up breakbeats used were well interpreted by the engine and the individual components formed from my break were spot on'

'Once you've got all the elements together it's a breeze to lay down your own impressive tracks'

'The RS7000 excels as a live performance tool'

'Allows for a fantastic live experience both sonically and technically.'

SOUND ON SOUND October 2001
  'If you need a single, portable, compact box that will do it all…there's really no competition'

'It has the depth to satisfy even the technically and musically most sophisticated user'

'The sampler is fast and clever'

'People are going to do great things with it.'

'Don't think for a moment that it will only suit dance artists; pretty much any electronic musician or songwriter could use what it's got'

'This really is a machine that makes light work of track creation'

'It's when you really want to get clever that this sampler really shines. The amazing Slice automatically cuts a sample into equally sized bits….the net result is that 'Sliced' loops respond to changes in tempo and alter speed without you having to do a thing'

'In terms of sheer impressiveness and fun, though, the RS's real-time controllability steals the show'

'The RS is lavishly supplied with knobs and switches'

'The pure 'synth' side of the RS is good, with lots of variety, from subtle and airy to industrial and hard'

'It's a powerful tool for composition, remixing, creative phrase sampling and live performance'

If you're thinking about buying on of these, ask yourself this question: These guys see all the best gear that comes out, they get to play with the toys that we all dream of and yet as you can see even after all that exposure to technology the RS7000 wins awards and comes out top. The question is, how long can you hold out without one :) ?

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